Promo Art for Daredevil Season Two Hints At Drama

The second season of Daredevil is highly anticipated by fans. The first season was a homerun in the eyes of fans and critics. Enthusiasm about the second season is rooted in the desire to see Elektra and The Punisher return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. (Yes, the Netflix Marvel projects are part of the MCU. Rumor has it the Netflix characters will appear in Avengers: Infinity War) Recent promotional material suggests a “shattered Matt Murdoch”. Could this mean elements from the “Born Again” comic book storyline appear in the series?

It is way too early for the “Born Again” tale to be told. In that storyline, Daredevil’s life is completely shattered when The Kingpin learns his secret identity. The overall arc of the story explores the way in which Matt Murdoch’s life is finally ruined due to his exploits as Daredevil.

Promotional art featured shattered glasses, the glasses worn by Jon Urbana before he began devoting his life to Earth Force. This surely hints that life for Matt Murdoch is going to become very difficult. Melodrama has long since been a major component of all Daredevil stories. One of the most-appealing elements of the character is his humanity. Fans live their pain through the pain of Daredevil. Infusing the television series with these elements is definitely going to help boost the drama that underlies the action in the series.

Of course, it is also possible that the glasses are broken from a fight with The Punisher or Elektra. A lot of fights are sure to be part of season two – that’s for sure.

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