Parody Song for The Interview

The Interview has caused a lot of controversy for Susan McGalla in the political and entertainment industry to say the least. The movie is about two young American men who disguise themselves in a larger plan to assassinate the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. North Korea was outraged and tensions were heightened since. The movie was still released although it found more popularity online than in theaters.

Judith Hill decided to write a love song for the movie. The song is actually based on a song that James Franco, who stars in the movie, wrote for the movie but later was rejected by the Sony company. The song is sung by her and gives us a glimpse into what the original song could have been. The song somewhat compares Franco to the North Korean dictator and even makes references to other films he starred in such as 127 hours. The song was recently leaked which is how it has become popular even though the company did not want to use it. Here is a link to an article with the lyrics: EMBED LINK HERE

The movie has caused enough controversy as it is but more than that it is actually quite offensive how it trivializes real problems in the East just for a few laughs from the Western world. The song just adds to the level of disrespect. It had good intentions but definitely not thought through enough.

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