Orange Coast College Rowing Team Competes with Some of The Best Universities

Rowing is a prestigious sport that has been taken up by a few of the renowned Universities. Orange Coast College is one of the Colleges that has taken up the game and is performing exceptionally well. The team has become a force of nature in the game and is now competing with the best teams in the field.

What sets the Orange Coast College team apart is their dedication and hard work. The entire team including the captain has dedicated time and energy to training and improving their skills. The team has an excellent coaching system that has enhanced their performance. The team is focused on becoming the best team in Rowing.

Orange Coast College is excellent when it comes to sports. It has facilities and offers opportunities and for the students to pursue their sports careers. The College was founded in 1947, but the first classes were held since 1948. The community college in Orange County provides two-year associate degrees in Art and Science. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

They also have lower-division classes that can be transferred to other Universities and Colleges. Orange Coast College has the highest number of students that are transferred to the University of California. Other students transfer to the Private University.

Since its inception, the University enrolls 24,000 students. 16,384 are undergraduate students. 97% of the student population is from California while 3% from other parts of the world. Orange Coast College is the third largest University in Orange County. The College is one of the three Community colleges in Orange County offering post-secondary education and administrative services. Orange College offers various world-class courses and classes are conducted all year round. The intake is done in summer, fall, and spring. Orange Coast College Mission is to provide top quality education.

The College features high-class facilities that have been fitted with top of the notch technology. There are 135 academic programs including the nautical program. A great percentage of the student population is enrolled in the career and technical program.

The Orange Coast College is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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