Only She Can Dare Trend the Path

Human life is valuable. Every person has rights that require safeguarding. At times, I look at how much of the rights, we humans beings have, and how much we can freely claim to be our rights and stand astounded. People in power tend to trample upon those beneath them, often undermining them, and not putting their rights into consideration. However, some people are rising against this to defend the fragile and those who lack a say in the community. Let’s focus on Helane Morrison for example;

Helane Morrison
She is a humble lady who has dedicated herself to fighting evils in the society and for women empowerment. She acquired her degree in journalism at Northwestern University and later attended the University Of California School Of Law and worked as an editor-in-chief of Californian law. Later, Morrison worked as a law clerk and then proceeded to work for Court Justice Harry Blackmun. It is while working here that she developed the passion for defending the helpless by more so exposing those that exploited others, e.g. corporates that don’t have the public interest at heart.

Morrison has trended people are afraid to trend, or even know the action to take. She has exposed among others; illegal destruction of audit papers, by auditors working as partners for companies as large as Ernst and Young, and provided the defense to some defrauded senior citizens. Further, she contributed to eradicating insider trading alongside uncovered illicit sale of fraudulent securities to military personnel and spearheaded financial fraud investigations against top-tier Fortune 500 executives who were ‘immune to punishment’. After cleansing the financial and security sector, she realized that women had a little say in leadership, and more like feared taking up the position of leadership. Alongside other women in the Hall Capital Partners, she has embarked ensuring equality in the financial sector leadership, since there are few women making decisions on the corporate level as well as a lot of others shying away from leadership.

She has taken the initiative of sensitizing women, to be great leaders and great corporate decision makers. She currently works at the hall capital partners, where all prominent corporate leaders are female and is sure making a significant impact on women.

Women are great leaders, not only in their homes but are great global leaders, take up the challenge and procure your rightful positions in the corporate world. I am looking forward to seeing powerful women, not only speaking pout but leading others in corporate decision making, among other sectors of the economy.

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