NuoDB, The Elastic Database for Cloud Based Servicing

Founded in 2008 NuoDB, known as NimbusDB pre-2011, is a firm dedicated to the elastic SQL type database synonymous with cloud apps. Its co-founders are Jim Starkey and Barry S. Morris, the latter of which ended up serving as the CEO of the firm. While much of what the company does is cloud based, the NuoDB firm is physically located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The patent for NuoDB’s “elastically scalable database” was filed March 8th, 2011 and it got through for approval on July 17th, 2012, which is what led to the name change. The firm totaled $12 million in venture capital reached in 2012.

NuoDB works in the cloud and has a distributed object architecture. This means that once a new database has been added, the database scales out and ends up running much faster in response to the alteration. The tiered approach to how the NuoDB database works is comprised of a multitude of redundantly layered tiers of transaction engines, as well as a number of storage managers. In this way, it helps scale up the data in the cloud in a predictable and easy to manage manner. With the release of the 2.6 version of NuoDB, added support for Amazon Web Services availability has been included.

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