Night at the Oscars

Saturday night Cameron Diaz and Kirk Cameron both took home the dubious, doubtful and debatable homage of being dubbed the year’s worst actress and actor at the 35th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards.1 Diaz earned hers for her performances in the raunchy, dirty, and obscene comedies “The Other Woman,” in which a wife and two mistresses team up to make the husbands life miserable, and “Sex Tape,” where a couple records on video and then accidentally releases their sexual experience and escapade to the cloud on the world wide web noted Dan Newlin.

Kirk Cameron received the Worst Screenplay, Worst Picture, and Worse Actor for his creation Saving Christmas2, where Kirk is trying to enjoy a Christmas party until he figures out he must attempt to lift his brother-in-law out of depression. Cameron was also labeled “Kirk Cameron and his ego” as the very worse screen combo.

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