New Steelers Clothing Items

The Pittsburgh Steelers have quite a number of different successful clothing lines associated with the team. There are also many other things for fans, such as websites. For this football season, the team is trying some new approaches of connecting with fans. They are launching a new facebook website, and there is also yet another Pittsburgh Steelers clothing line coming out. These things are being launched just before the first Steelers home game on Sunday. The new merchandise is very easily available, and it can be ordered online. The website is It has a variety of different types of Steelers themed apparel. Susan McGalla helped to plan the marketing of these items on the website. She made it a point to make sure the items are very easy to find and purchase through the website. In fact, you can start shopping for the items at the following link: Your text to link…. At this website, there is something for everyone. There are different styles of Steelers fashion for both men and women. Susan has a great deal of experience selling lines of merchandise. Now, she is working with the Steelers to promote their products. However, she also worked for American Eagle and Wet Seal. She did very well with helping these companies to be more successful, as she has a great deal of marketing talent. Many of the product ideas she had were extremely successful. She gets creative with the design of the products being sold. Susan McGalla feels that it is important to cater to the interests and demographics of fans. She doesn’t simply have Steelers printed on any old garment. There are scarves that have a certain element of bling, and there are also sweaters with thumbholes. Steelers clothing comes in a wide variety of different styles. The Steelers are a well known and successful Pittsburgh sports team. Now that football season has started, many people are looking to get new Steelers themed clothing items. There is a larger variety of apparel to pick from than ever, and it is all easily available online. Susan McGalla has put a number of new clothing items on the market and revamped the website where you can buy Steelers apparel.

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