New Players in NYC Real Estate

Manhattan has a residential real estate scene that is both exciting and daunting as well. New brokerage firms, and even some well-established firms, are drawn to the market because of the much higher price points, which can lead to higher commission, but New York’s real estate industry is one of the most competitive in the country. According to Real Estate Weekly, the key to entering the New York real estate market and flourishing is developing the right marketing and branding, with the right people who all share the right ambition and leadership style.

TOWN Residential has been one of the few industry upstarts which have been able to grow rapidly in the New York real estate scene.

TOWN Residential was founded by Andrew Heiberger in 2010 and his company is succeeding because he knew early on what his marketing direction was going to be. He developed a plan, and engaged the right people to help him in achieving his goals. For Heiberger, his success can be attributed to the neighborhood based-approach. He is a firm believer that you must know the neighborhood to sell the neighborhood. The neighborhood approach helps assess the type of real estate you will be selling and the type of broker you need to hire. If you do not attract the high end broker, chances are you also do not attract luxury real estate. TOWN Residential plans to have offices in every neighborhood across Manhattan and Brooklyn to continue their growth in the real estate industry.

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