New Documentary Film On Kurt Cobain Coming Out This May

A new documentary movie will be coming out on May 4th featuring the life and times of the late rocker, Kurt Cobain. The film will be called “Montage of Heck” and will feature lots of home videos and pictures of Cobain as a child and how he turned into a famous singer with a bad case of depression.

According to an article found on reddit and written by Rolling Stone magazine, the singer had a bunch of loving family members despite the hard times he sang about. In addition to that, the film will also feature many different interviews from friends and family members about Cobain and what he was like. Everyone seems to agree that he changed for the better once his daughter, Frances Bean was born.

Fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG know that this is going to be a movie that rock fans and Nirvana lovers are going to appreciate for ages. It is hosted by HBO and it should be a great watch, whether or not you are the biggest Cobain fan in the whole world. It will be interesting to get some insight on what he was like off the stage and what he was thinking about during certain things, and there is also going to be a several minute long acoustic solo by Cobain that has been incorporated into the film, but never heard before by the general public. It will be a exciting documentary to say the least.

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