Netflix’s Has Legitimate High Hopes for Daredevil

The 2003 film Daredevil didn’t do so well in theaters with Ben Affleck in the iconic role, but Netflix is banking on its new original series from Marvel Studios doing much better. The Marvel reboot is one of the four TV series set in the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe scheduled for release in the near future.

This week, the online streaming entertainment company wowed fans with a second trailer for the series. In it, Charlie Cox stars as blind attorney Matt Murdock who becomes the Hell’s Kitchen vigilante known as Daredevil.

Many fans, including Dan Newlin, have noted that the images they have seen so far have a much darker and less humorous tone than other Marvel Cinematic Universe works. Read more about Newlin on In fact, many have compared it to grittier DC Cinematic Universe or DC TV Universe works, including Nolan’s Batman trilogy and Gotham from the DC TV Universe.

One nice part about Daredevil appearing on Netflix is that it will be released as an entire season. Binge watching is critical for some types of series. In the case of a series that features a disabled American, the chances of success increase with a full season release. Sadly, cancellations of shows like the 2013 reboot of Ironside and Allegiance, which feature American leads with disabilities that they can work around, have shown that viewers don’t always immediately relate to leads that have disabilities resulting in lower ratings.

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