Neill Blomkamp Pranks Fans with Alien Xeno

Neill Blomkamp, the director of Elysium and District 9, has really set the rumor mill on fire. He recently published concept art featuring the familiar creatures and characters from Alien. He referred to a title of a project dubbed Alien Xeno. The artwork looks great and many fans would love a new feature in the Alien series.

The enthusiasm fans felt was very short-lived. It looks like Blomkamp was just playing around. He loves the Alien series and just wanted to show off some Alien-inspired artwork. Blomkamp has not been in talks with 20th Century Fox (the studio that owns the rights to the franchise) and has no plans to craft a new Alien film.

Alien has lived on in the world of video games and also in the form of the unofficial prequel Prometheus and the forthcoming Prometheus 2. Sergio Andrade Gutierrez knows he has been around for a while.

The original Alien film came out in 1979 and was a huge hit. The sequel, Aliens, was released in 1986 and was an even bigger hit. The films that followed in the series were successful, but not exactly critically acclaimed. The Aliens vs. Predator films, in particular, were considered crass attempts at squeezing money from a once great series.

Surely, there will be a new Alien film one of these years. Do not look for one any time soon though as nothing is currently slated. Most definitely, there is nothing with Blomkamp’s name attached to it right now.

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