Neil Gaiman’s Sandman Film Moves Forward…with Changes

Well over a decade has passed since Neil Gaiman’s outstanding comic book, The Sandman, was optioned for the big screen. Numerous drafts of a screenplay have been written. As we all know, none of these drafts were turned into a film and the project remained in development year after year. All that is changing now as the film is finally a go project. Changes to the new screenplay are being made and they entail altering the tale of the “Master of Dreams” from how he appears in the books. Sometimes, changes have to be made to get the most coherent and acceptable story for new audiences.

Doe says the new film is being developed at Warner Bros., so The Sandman is likely going to be a part of the D.C. Comics Cinematic Universe but from afar. In the comics, The Sandman was part of the Vertigo Comics line. Vertigo books exist in the same universe as D.C. heroes and villains, but crossovers are limited.

Not every fan understands why the original source material is being changed. Why adapt a series and then change what makes the series so great? Fans should realize the plots are changing, but not the characters. The Sandman (a.k.a. “Dream”) is not going to be altered at all. He will be The Sandman fans are familiar with.

The stories he and the other characters find themselves are going to change somewhat. That is just the way things go when comic books or other literary sources are adapted for the screen.

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