My Sorry Chapped Lips

I am a huge outdoors person who really enjoys being able to go outside during the fall and winter months to enjoy the finer things that nature has to offer. Unfortunately one of the finer things that nature has to offer is a glorious offering of freshly chapped and cracked lips on long hikes and outdoor excursions.

Recently I was out with my friend Hannah and she had mentioned to me that my lips were cracked. As she squinted and peered closer to my face, she winced and said “You’re bleeding” with a slight tone of disgust that only a best friend can get away with. I rubbed a finger across the sandpaper that used to be my lips and discovered that I was indeed bleeding. I shrugged and went about licking my lips to get some kind of moisture on them when Hannah yelled at me to stop while she began digging into her bag.
It was then that Hannah produced what I can only describe as a satin lining for my lips. A little pink container that held all the secrets to perfectly smooth lips and the cure to cracked bleeding sandpaper that noises occasionally go through. As I applied this saving grace to my painful lips, I promised to buy her a new one as I pocketed this glorious little invention that she called EOS.

I have been using EOS for the last 3 months. I happily go out and buy a new one about once a month and it’s worth the extra cost than what you would normally pay for another lip balm. Why? Well, this isn’t any ordinary lip balm! It repairs, soothes and prevents chapped lips all the while leaving them luscious enough to make sure my husband doesn’t cringe when he leans in for a kiss. Check out their products on Ulta and


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