My Favorite Lip Balm to Color My Couch!

Being a mother to four little girls comes with its many different challenges. Some of these challenges test our patience, some of them test our strength and some of them test our furniture! I’m sure about now, you are thinking I might possibly have made a typo. That is not the case.

Yes, you heard that correctly. I said some of them test our furniture. I’m not sure about your girls, but my little girls love make-up more than anything in the world. They could quite possibly have a larger collection than I do myself. But isn’t that just a tradition passed on through out generations. I can remember seeing pictures and hearing stories of my own mother and grandmother playing in their mother’s make-up and clothing.

In this vast collection of make-up they have, there is one item I always sneak into their make-up bags and borrow. This little hidden gem is their Evolution of Smooth (EOS) lip balm. It may be the most heavenly thing on earth. I certainly have my own lip products but this lip balm seems to give top coat coverage of anything on the market I’ve tried.

And they have a large collection of different types of lip balm. One of my personal favorites is out of their “Visibly Soft Lip Balm” collection, Vanilla Mint. The Coconut Milk is a close second. The thing I love about these lip balms the most is how soft they make your lip after you have applied them. Check out the collection on

With all of this make-up I am sure like me your furniture has been used as an art canvas; your make-up the paint. Don’t fret, don’t worry mother like me, the furniture is quite replaceable … unlike you and me! So win the test of patience and don’t let the small stuff sweat…. or is it, don’t sweat the small stuff?

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