Music Is Paving the Way for Some Important Research

Most people are aware of just how powerful music can be. It’s a rare person who hasn’t turned to music in order to feel better in times of stress or pain. It can make the bad times better and the good times into something amazing. But many people aren’t quite as aware of the fact that it’s often the rallying cry for a good cause. And one of the best examples of this can be found with the Go Fund Me campaign for Autism Rocks. It’s a charity which is using private performances to help fund autism research. It basically helps rockers with big hearts connect with fans who are looking for a way to do something positive while having a great time. And the proceeds then go to the doctors and scientists who are hard at work trying to understand the nature of autism.

But to understand the charity one has to understand the reasons behind it. And to do that, one first needs to look at the founder. Sanjay Shah is a very successful hedge-fund manager. But he’s also a father. And in this case the fact that his son has autism is very important. Because like most parents in that position, Sanjay was always quite aware of how little funding research into autism receives. It simply isn’t as high profile as a lot of other areas of medical research. But one simple call turned things around and showed him how he could help the people who were hard at work helping his son and other people like him.

Shah had received a call from an associate who wanted to know if he might like to hang out with rock legend Snoop Dogg. Sanjay was so stunned by the offer that for a minute the only thing he could think of was whether the fridge was properly stocked. But after shaking that off he quickly agreed. The entire family had an amazing time with Snoop, and this led Sanjay to connect the dots. He realized that everyone would be just as thrilled to experience a rock legend in person. And he realized this was the perfect way to lead people into the charitable work that most people really do want to engage in. This was the birth of Autism Rocks and its mission of helping autism research.

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