More Than Just A Basketball Team Co-founder

Besides being the co-founder of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the Philips Arena, Bruce Levenson was also a successful businessman. As the governor of the NBA board of governors, the businessman was deeply involved with the team from a while back. He was also one of the founders as well as being one of the directors in Tech Target. Tech Target was a media company that was part of the IT industry.
Together with Ed Peskowitz, Bruce Levenson founded the company known as the United Communications Group in 1977. This company was started to pay particular focus on the developments of the oil industry. It was a very simple company that began in his apartment. In the long run, the company was more involved in healthcare analysis, news, telecommunications, mortgage banking, energy as well as data among various other companies. This little apartment-based company is where Tech Target was derived.
Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson had a great passion for basketball and, therefore, he decided to take his chance in buying the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team from their previous owners. He did not let his business ambitions and obligations hinder him from basketball involvement. Even in his basketball rendezvous, he maintained his roommate, Ed Peskowitz as his partner at the Atlanta Hawks LLC, which is a group of businessmen who worked to buy the basketball team. He ensured that the team was well managed and its value increase. He hired the crème de la crème team managers to oversee the running of the operations of the team.
Danny Ferry, a former Cleveland Cavaliers player, was then hired by Levenson, who was then a member of the NBA board of governors, to be the general manager and the president of the team. Danny was to ensure that the team operations run smoothly. Levenson, on the other hand, ensured that he was physically involved in the performance of the team and could even accompany the players to some of their games and also maintain close contact with each player. In the year 2014, Levenson publicly announced that he would like to sell his fair share of the basketball team.
Goldman Sachs and the Inner Circle Sports were appointed to ensure that the team was sold off well. The teams admirable performance during the previous season was a definite booster to the value of the team. Goldmans feedback as that the arena as well as the team could be sold at $1billion. Even with the various disruptions, the team continued to perform exceptionally throughout the season. Their capability to reach the east conference finals put up the sales value even more. This is because of the experienced management team involved with the team. The team was finally sold to an entrepreneur, Antony Ressler, who won the bid of $730 million which was a 27% profit to Levenson.
Everything that this businessman takes into his hands is a success. Additionally, he is an opportunist who values anything that comes his way. He is a devoted and diligent worker and also, a great family man with three sons. He works at ensuring that his sons come up with great business ventures.

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