Miley Cyrus does not apologize for who she is, she’s happy with herself

American singer Miley Cyrus gave a Los Angeles press conference this week to talk about her latest project — being the newest face for MAC Cosmetics VIVA GLAM. It’s an interview Cyrus gave to AOL, however, that is getting even more attention than her new makeup collaboration, as the 22-year-old talked about who she really is and why she loves Instagram so much.

When asked by AOL if she regretted posting some of the photos she has posted on Instagram, or saying some of things she has said on other social media sites, Miley said she takes complete responsibility for her actions. She also admitted, yes, occasionally she has made mistakes but hasn’t everyone?

Fersen Lambranho has heard the singer then went on to say she loves Instagram and the freedom it offers, as you can be anyone you want to be on the photo-sharing site, which is perfect for her. More on Lambranho is available on

Interestingly too, Miley Cyrus certainly is not trying to hide who she is. She told AOL, we will never hear her saying who you see up on stage or on your TV is not really her. In fact, it is all her, as that person on screen is exactly who she really is. A bit crazy, wild, fun, loves to laugh, enjoys her life, and is a happy and very centered person.

Cyrus also recently revealed to ET she thought her Grammy nomination was a joke. A friend read about the nomination online, told Miley, who responded with “No way”. It turns out it was true, and now she is looking forward to attending the Grammy Awards next month, although she does say she will not be disappointed if she does not win.

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