Milestone Achievements of the Brazilian Communications Expert, Alexandre Gama

Few men have done more towards the growth and maturation of Brazilians advertising world than Alexandre Gama. The creative entrepreneur is the force behind Brazil’s top 20-ranked advertising company, Neogama. Alexandre’s wit and innovative approach saw him became the only Brazilian to head up the Global Publicis Groupe creative board committee.


Early life and Education

Alexandre Gama’s illustrious career in the advertising world started in the early nineties. He secured a job as a writer in the Brazilian advertising agency, Ogilvy. For his education, the founder of Neogama, Brazil attended the Fundacao Armando Alvares Penteado Institute (FAAP). With time, Gama polished and perfected his copywriting abilities and eventually, he got a better paying job at DM9. That was in late 1990. His four-year stint at DM9 defined his top writing career moments. It was at DM9 where the advertising guru got awarded the title of Brazil’s finest copywriter.


Golden Lions Awards

Gama also served in leading advert companies in the nineties. For instance, he was the CEO/COO and President of the reputable creative agency, Young & Rubicam. Alex left Young and Rubicam in 1999 to pursue a solo career and that’s probably the most defining point in his long career. Five years after founding Neogama, his agency had won the coveted Golden Lions Award at the Cannes Film Festival, twice.


Gama at Cannes Film Festival

Alexandre Gama made history in 2008 when he became the only Brazilian entry at the Cannes Film Festival. What’s more, Gama was the first Brazil to hold a Masters Magna Class degree in film and advertising. Gama scooped the 2007 Cabore Award for being the entrepreneur and communications industry of the year in 2007. The expert serves on the following boards and agencies in Brazil’s communication sector. The Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies abbreviated as ABAP and at VIOLAB. Abroad, Gama serves as the chairman of the International Jury of the British Association D & AD.

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