Michael Keaton Flies High As Birdman

Birdman is the superhero film that wasn’t according this article from biography.com that Bruce Karatz forwarded me. The motion picture is not about a superhero. It is about an actor who is unable to come out from under the shadow of previously playing a superhero on film. Perhaps the most obviously poignant aspect of the film is the star, Michael Keaton, saw his 1980’s stardom collapse after leaving the Batman role. Keaton turned down $15 million for a third appearance as Batman wishing to walk away from the cape and cowl. His career struggled for 25 years as a result.

Now, Keaton’s name is back in the news thanks to his turn in Birdman. The sad irony here is Keaton did not win the Best Actor award for his role. Winning such an honor would be a wonderful comeback tale. It wasn’t to be.

Keaton may have just gained a lot of renewed fame but going down in history as a Best Actor has eluded him. What is not going to elude the actor is a comeback. All the new press he is receiving is going to translate into new movie roles. How could it not? Producers and studios like to cast stars who are hot and Keaton’s turn in Birdman has boosted his profile immensely.

His next role is going to be in the big budget fantasy film Kong: Skull Island. A new King Kong film is not exactly high art, but the feature should be a lot of fun. Keaton’s days as a leading man in major motion pictures are over. Look for him to appear in smaller budgeted arts films and character actor roles in studio extravaganzas. Call that a comeback.

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