Man Posing As Armored Guard Robs Walmart of $75,000

During the July 4th weekend, a man pretending to be a regular armored truck driver, robbed an Oklahoma Walmart of nearly $75,000. There were no guns, no violence, and no threats, the man simply tricked Walmart employees into handing over the money.

Walmart was expecting a pickup that day, and the man, dressed in similar attire worn by armored employees, confidently walked to the cash room, and announced he was there for the deposit.

He signed for the cash, then casually exited the store.

Brad Reifler said the employees never paid close attention to the man, nor any ID or discrepancies about him, and handed over the money as per Reuters reporting.

The bandit didn’t even have an armored truck. He rode away in a black, four-door Chevrolet Malibu.

The employees never realized they had been robbed, until thirty minutes later, the real Loomis armored truck employees arrived for the pickup, alerting the employees they had been tricked.

Walmart surveillance cameras have images of the poised suspect and the getaway vehicle.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are now investigating due to the amount of the heist.

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