Madonna Pinpoints And Defines This “Age of Distraction”

Madonna has a lot to say these days as her upcoming album “Rebal Heart” is almost ready to hit store shelves and bring the singer back into the limelight after a long hiatus. Madonna has always been a rebel against the establishment and her early music career played an important part in making it more socially acceptable for women to express their physicality without being judged for it. She paid a hefty price in the form of negative press but the negative press only pushed her further on.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, in preparation for the release of “Rebel Heart,” she discussed her sense of obligation to fight for human rights. “I felt like we were really going backwards,” she said, “And I felt like I was witnessing the collapse of civilization as we know it.” She described herself as feeling “personally wounded” by this fact and how she considers it a part of her job to fight back and help change things for women and mothers on the whole.

Fans like Dan Newlin have heard that she labeled our current era as an “Age of Distraction,” and talked at-length about her views on modern society. As always, any rebel artist is going to push back against a society that continuously evolves into something unrecognizable and that’s exactly what Madonna discusses in the interview. As for “Rebel Heart,” it is currently speaking for itself since it hit store shelves on March 6, 2015. You can read the full interview here.

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