There are lots of policies out there. Many of them making promises they have no intention of delivering. Does any of this sound familiar?

Before you buy into a new policy, here are a few things to ask your representative about.


Let’s look at this from the perspective of car buying. You would never buy into a cool car, where the payments are worth more than the initial investment. Sometimes you have to take the care out for a test drive. Same thing applies to buying your next healthcare policy.

If you are younger, you might want to choose something with a very high deductible. I would say about one-thousand dollars or more. This is not out of the ordinary. It will also save you thousands of dollars down the road. The point is, make the most out of your budget. Do not buy into bells and whistles that you can not afford. Do not buy into bells and whistles that are offered by companies which have no intention of meeting your needs. Sometimes the bells and whistles are nothing more than window dressing.


Nobilis Health is a full-service development company, which includes everything from the policy right down to the medical treatment itself. Nobilis knows how difficult it can be for patients to get recognized. So many clients do not get their needs met. So many patients get hung out to dry due to the cracks in the system. The staff at Nobilis has been on both sides of the fence. This makes what the company does much more important.

When you have walked a mile in someone else’s shoes, you know the pain they go through. Nobilis Health is looking to change all of this. They know the hassle that insurance companies put their clients through. Their unlimited options make it easier for a patient and doctor to pick what is good for them. If you are a patient/doctor in need of care right now, please give them a call today.


There will come a time when a person has to take medication. You need to choose a company that offers the drugs you need. If it’s not on the list, do not buy. The point of having a policy is so you won’t have to pay for it out-of-pocket. If a drug you need is not on the list, inquire as to why. Certain issues require certain drugs. Make sure your drugs are part of the plan.


What doctor do you normally go to? Is he/she on the list for the policy. It will hurt you more to go with someone outside of the network. I have been there. When you do choose someone within your network, make sure you are comfortable with that person. It takes a while to establish a relationship between doctor and patient. If you have to seek someone new, be sure to be good to yourself. Know what type of doctor you are looking for. If he or she is not on the list, then maybe that plan is not the right fit.

My point is, you have to be careful. Not every doctor is going to have a good bedside manner. Make sure yours does.


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