Logan’s Run Remake to Get Female Lead

Fans of the science fiction genre have been getting some pretty impressive news surrounding a number of old favorites. With new films in the Terminator, Mad Max, and other franchises set to hit the big screen soon, the genre has never been hotter. Of course, some properties are getting a few twists and turns as they head back to movie prominence, and while most of the changes are somewhat subtle, a few are pretty head turning thanks to their dramatic implications on the franchises.

According to Screen Rant, the popular “Logan’s Run” remake is being refitted to accommodate a female lead. The move and decision were made not long after Ryan Gosling dropped out of the running. The move is sure to raise more than a few eyebrows, but it comes on the heels of any number of female driven properties that have helped change the way women are perceived in sci-fi movies and entertainment in general.

The Hunger Games and Divergent franchises are two pretty big movie series that are brought home by strong female performances, and with the Ghostbusters franchise getting a female reboot, the outlook on movies led by women has been altered. Fans of Logan’s Run, like Christian Broda, will probably flock to the reboot regardless of the lead character, but the doors opened with a female lead offer up some interesting possibilities. In short, the move is exciting, and should be embraced by fans of every genre.

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