Live Unapologetically- Wear Lime Crime!

If you love glitz, glimmer, and all things that shimmer, then Lime Crime is perfect for you.
This Los Angeles cosmetics company sells all kinds and colors of makeup that will let you have fun and express your colorful personality. The best part about it? It’s all cruelty-free, and the ingredients are available right on the website. My favorite? The Velvetine matte lipstick. Seriously, it’s perfect, and it’s available in sixteen different colors. And even if matte lipstick isn’t your thing, then Lime Crime has plenty of other options that are sure to fit your own unique style.
If you’re feeling lost, or lack the right inspiration to turn your face into a work of art, The Lime Crime site on, Lookbook, and “Shop the Look” pages have hundreds of ideas and suggestions on how to decorate yourself and turn yourself into the queen you are. Just scrolling through their blog makes me want to turn makeup into a full-time job.
That’s exactly what Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere, did. She calls herself the unicorn queen, and she’s ruling the makeup-loving world with her fantastically funky creations. She encourages her fans and customers to live unapologetically, and to use her products to not only cover up their imperfections, but to express themselves. She’s fun, she’s inspirational, and she’s fierce. Her own personal style seems to scream “more color please!” and we can’t get enough.
For anyone who’s serious about simply adoring the way they look, Lime Crime is perfect. And the colors don’t stop at makeup. The store offers several different pastel nail polish colors, as well as tons of different ideas on how to use them. Feeling like being a mermaid? Go for a mermaid pastel mani. Are you just feeling sweet? How about a pastel sherbet look? For all of these and more, simply “Shop the Look.”
I’m absolutely in love with this line. Where else can I find funky, colorful, cruelty-free makeup for such awesome prices? A better question is, why would I have to look anywhere else? Lime Crime is simply the best in turning your face into a billboard that says “I’m amazing, I’m beautiful, and I love to have a good time.” Once you try your first color of Lime Crime cosmetics, you’ll never touch your other makeup again. While you’re painting your face with your purple “orchidaceous” eyeliner, or blending your rainbow of eyeshadow, just think: What did I do before I had Lime Crime in my life?

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