Let’s Learn About The USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is a company that sells health insurance and related products. Below is more information about who they are, the insurance they offer, as well as other interesting information.


About USHEALTH Group

The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas and the CEO of USHEALTH Group is Troy McQuagge

It has a number of health insurance and life insurance companies and through them they offer insurance products/plans such as life, dental, accident insurance and short-term accident disability income insurance to name a few.


They have over 50 years of experience in the health insurance industry. Over 15 million people have turned to the company for help with their insurance needs.


USHEALTH Group Insurance

As for products, they have a range of health coverage. They offer everything from dental plans to vision plans to term life insurance and short-term accident disability income plans. Other plans offer include critical illness and other types of fixed indemnity health plans.


USHEALTH Group LinkedIn Page

The company has a LinkedIn page, which describes the company as having between 200-500 employees. USHEALH has a little over 1,500 followers on the site, and they describe themselves as a family of companies that offer affordable and secure health plans for individuals and their families.


Member Services

For those who become members of USHEALTH Group by purchasing coverage will have access to Member Services. The company allows its members to log into their account and check details associated with their accounts. This means members can access and manage information associated with their healthcare plans whenever they want, including nights and weekends.


USHEALTH Group’s insurance plans can be purchased by contacting the company or an agent that represents them. Feel free to visit their website to learn more about them, their plans or if you want to request a quote.

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