Learn about Andrea McWilliams in 3minutes!

Andrea McWilliams is a powerful woman, lobbyist, and political fundraiser. She was raised near Texas Capitol on Congress Avenue.She lives in Old Enfield with three kids and her husband. Andrea came to the limelight when she became chief of staff at a tender age of 21 years at the public relations company general strategies Inc. she is now the co-founder member of McWilliams a governmental affairs consultant. They opened this initiative when she and her husband combined and their experience and talent; they formed a formidable team with trust at local, state and national level.

Andrea has broad skills in strategy, combining patience and persuasions, grace and grit. She is attentive to details bringing unique skills she got from the private sector. The team has vibrant bipartisan . She managed to pass $100 million in the Texas 81st Assembly session to make a clean coal power plant which put Texas in the global spotlight. Andreas McWilliams resolve extends beyond politics, and as a resident of the old Enfield neighborhood, she is well known for her philanthropic work. In 2007 she saved $3 billion dollar research package for cancer.

Andrea McWilliams is a board member for non-profit organization, including Preservation Austin, Mexico– Arte Museum, Arthouse, Texas Lyceum, Ballet Austin, Pease Park Council and the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital among others. As an Austenite native, McWilliams is a member of Inherit Austin a foundation set to preserve Austin cultural and architectural past which include famous historic landmarks, fabric by safeguarding its unique character.

Andrea represented two cancer organizations – Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation and Kills cancer prevention. She fundraised millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations in Austin coping with breast cancer, and in recognition, a screening room for cancer was named McWilliams in 2014. Andrea McWilliams continues to baffle many in her philanthropic work, she promoted initiatives aimed at improving health for children that will eventually serve quarter million children in elementary schools across the state and country for the next school year.


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