Kenneth Goodgame Has Created A New Shopping Space At True Value

Kenneth Goodgame is the senor VP at True Value who is also the CMO. He serves as the chief merchandising officer because that it how he helps the company become more profitable. He knows that his company has to have a different image if they want to be set apart from other companies, and he knows that he can help the company have a look that defies the odds of other companies in the industry.

These companies are making things very complicated by making their companies a lot larger than others. There are many things that people want when they come to True Value, and Kenneth Goodgame knows that he can put the same number of products in a smaller space. People can comfortably walk around the space as they shop, and they will not feel overwhelmed. The shopper can meet with the friendly staff, and they can talk to them about what they think they should buy.

Someone who comes to True Value has to be sure that they have walked around to see the rustic style of everything. The store looks like it came from another age, and it will make it easy for people to be sure that they can find what they need. They want to save money when they come to the store, and they want to have a very soft and fun experience. The experience itself is very nostalgic, and that is why people need to come to see their friends at True Value.

Kenneth Goodgame has done a very good job helping people who are in need of assistance with their shopping. He has merchandised every True Value store very well, and he has shown people that there is another way to shop. His expertise in the field has made a big difference at True Value.

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