Karrueche Is Angry She Allowed Chris To Pull A Fast One For Years

Now that Karrueche and Chris are over Karrueche is having some regrets about all of the time she wasted when in her heart she always knew that Chris was not the man for her. It seems like now that Karrueche is finally getting away from Chris her thinking is crystal clear for the first time and she is speaking about some of the things she has realized over the past few months. From the start Chris and Karrueche have been doomed, not only because of Chris’s violent past with women but because from the start of their relationship Chris denied his love for Rihanna only to turn around and go back to her after one fight stated Mikal Watts.

Karrueche is most hurt that she allowed Chris to lie to her for years only to get a kick in the face and learn that not only was Chris using her as a rebound for Rihanna but she was also just a fallback plan for him even after Rihanna was done with him. Now that Karrueche has to look at the fact that Chris conceived a child while he was supposedly exclusive to her, she knows that Chris was never loyal to her. Not only was Chris cheating, but he would never have come clean if there wasn’t a 9 month old child as proof of his infidelity.

Karrueche is angry looking back at the pat because Chris promised that he was over Rihanna and ready to move on. He told her everything she wanted to hear and now she is stuck with fact that he was never really hers.

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