Joseph Bismarck: The Spiritual Business Leader


Today, I was perusing WordPress and came across an interesting post on the blog Just Judy and Her Dog. The article is titled Joseph Bismark — Bringing Spirituality into Marketing.

The article struck a chord with me because Bismark has lived an extraordinary life. As a child, he travelled to the Philippine mountains to become a monk. Later in life, he decided to take what he learned as a monk and apply it to a corporate career. 

He was able to turn his marketing knowledge, combined with his spiritual focus on life to propel his career forward. He is now on the board of directors for the Singapore-based QI Group of Companies and a founder of RHYTHM, which focuses on corporate and social responsibility. 

The truly inspirational component of the Joseph Bismark blog post is that he did not compromise his spiritual belief to succeed in what is often perceived of as a corrupt corporate environment. He has passed on to his employees the value of spiritual living and comradery.

Fortunately for me and other readers, Joseph has chosen to share his experience and vast knowledge through a series of books and blogs, including Gems of Wisdom—the newest addition to my favorites list.

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