Jon Stewart Explains Why He is Quitting the Daily Show

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has been a cornerstone of the Comedy Central line up for years, and has also blazed a trail in both American politics and late night comedy. That’s why fans were so surprised after hearing Jon Stewart decided to leave the show later this year, leaving Daily Show anchor Trevor Noah in his stead.

Stewart has been hosting the show, dedicated to political satire, for 16 years but he didn’t show any signs of showing down, the show is as successful as ever. However, Stewart explains in a recent interview that he just doesn’t have the same passion he used to for hosting the political phenomenon, comparing it to a long-term relationship that is on it’s last legs. Though, Stewart has nothing but good things to say about his time at Comedy Central and is excited to see the reigns being handed over to someone new.

Although, reports that fans of The Daily Show are highly disappointed in Stewart’s decision, many claiming it just won’t be the same without him. Stewart however, has big hopes for the future of the show he helped create and believes The Daily Show is going to have many more years on the air, making fun of the best and worst in politics.

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