John Textor – Diverse Businessman and Entrepreneur

John Textor is currently Chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation and is a valuable resource to the CEO and President-Head of Studio. He is responsible for special projects, strategic partnerships and relationships with major media companies, just to name a few. He also is a pioneer and leading developer of hyper-realistic digital humans for holographic live performances, plus other forms of reality and artificial intelligence. He is very active across a wide variety of venues and technology platforms.

He is currently a Producer of Art Story being developed by Disney and was Producer of Ender’s Game. His leadership has also produced virtual versions of numerous celebrities, such as Michael Jackson at the 2014 Billboard Awards plus Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Tupac Shakur for the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012. Mr. Textor and his partner, Frank Patterson, were parodied in the “Hologram” episodes of the animated sitcom South Park.

While he was Chairman and CEO of Digital Domain and its parent company Digital Domain Media Group he led its acquisition and restructuring from May 2006 until his resignation in August of 2012. told that together these two companies were responsible for the visual effects of over eighty large scale feature films, of which twenty-five were completed during his leadership of the companies. During Mr. Textor’s leadership of Digital Domain he re-established it as a leader in the market of visual effects and won numerous Academy Awards.

Mr. Textor has been involved in various other businesses associated with entertainment technology, telecommunications and the internet. His executive experience has also had him involved with companies outside these areas.

He was the previous Chairman of the Board and principal owner of Sims Snowboards, which is the second leading snowboard brand and he invented the World Snowboarding Championship. Some of the other businesses and offices he has held are BabyUniverse, a leading e-tailer of baby related products of which he was the Chairman and Chief Executive Office. He was one of the founding directors of Virtual Bank, a Florida based financial services company and was a director of Multicast Media Technologies, Inc., a global internet-based broadcast media provider.

As you can see Mr. Textor has very diverse interests in the business world.

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