Jaws Returning to Theaters to Celebrate Turning 40

One of the most popular and iconic movies is returning to theaters this year as it turns 40. Jaws celebrated for its use of animatronic effects helped to launch a genre of films, was one of Richard Dreyfuss’s first major roles and helped to skyrocket Stephen Spielberg’s career. Speilberg had a directed only a handful of films, most of which were made for tv, before his adaptation of Peter Benchley’s bestseller made him a household name. In fact, the film was so successful that most people are not even aware that it was ever a book.

Even if you have never seen the movie, it is an undeniable part of our popular culture. The infamous beach scene has been parodied and copied hundreds of thousands of times since and has caused millions of people to develop an irrational fear of shark attacks. Shark attacks are rare and are mainly experienced by deep sea divers and surfers who spend all day in their habitats, but public fear of shark attacks has significantly gone up since the movie debut.

The film made $470.7 million at the box office, well over its budget of $9 million. It has since been shown hundreds of time on cable, broadcast tv and has been released on VHS, DVD, and blue ray. Flavio Maluf owns a copy himself. It will be re-released in nearly 500 theaters, which is slightly higher than the 450 theaters it was released in on its debut, on June 21st for the movie’s 40th anniversary.

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