Jason Hope Is Giving Hope

Jason Hope is renowned business owner based in Scottsdale Arizona. Armed with an MBA degree from Arizona State University he set up a computer software business. As the company became successful, he started to give more attention to other activities such as politics and philanthropy.

Jason Hope’s focus on philanthropy is mainly through the SENS foundation. SENS based in Cambridge University focuses improving people‚Äôs lives through better health. They accomplish this by not just finding a cure, but by finding a way to prevent diseases from happening. In short, SENS strives to increase longevity in humans, using a holistic approach to medicine. Anti-aging in this context is about having a better quality of life, as opposed to living for a long time. Jason Hope supports SENS as they strive to challenge conventional medical research and break existing barriers in the process.

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As mentioned earlier Jason Hope is involved in the software business. His company creates apps for smartphones, software for desktops and even game development. However, Jason also considers himself as a futurist. In the context of technology, this means communicating with developers to improve IT infrastructure. Mr. Hope is specifically interested in the internet of things and developing protocols that can be used across different mediums. This ensures ease of communication between products of different vendors. This is an area Jason Hope is especially passionate about and became a respected futurist in the process. Therefore, he is constantly in touch with businesses and shows them the right direction to acquire cutting edge technology. In short, Jason Hope is a man that wears many hats, and ultimately whether it is through his business or charity, Jason Hope strives to improve human life.

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