Jason Hope Discusses Donation To SENS Foundation

Entrepreneur Jason Hope, one of Arizona’s foremost internet business people, recently made a large donation to the SENS Foundation, one of the nation’s most prominent medical research institutes. The money has been designated for atherosclerosis research, an area that Hope views as crucial to the continued advancing of the U.S. healthcare system.

Hope has long been a serious reader of the medical literature. As someone who has been fascinated for his entire life by the role that technology can play in the advancement of medical treatments, Hope has understood for quite some time that one of the most serious problems that the aging face is that of inflammation and degenerative disease. What many researchers are coming to grips with today is that the same processes that underlie atherosclerotic disease are also at the root of virtually every major degenerative disease associated with the aging process.

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For this reason, Jason Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, in an effort to better understand processes at the molecular level that lead to atherosclerosis disease. Hope believes that, through this understanding, medical researchers will be able to combat some of the most pernicious effects of aging and may someday even be able to stop or completely reverse almost all of the processes which lead to the slow breaking down of body systems in old age.

For its part, the SENS Foundation has said that Hope’s contribution will play a crucial role in staffing their atherosclerotic research department in the next year.

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