It Is The End Of The World As Marvel Readers Know It

What is going on with all this Marvel Comics’ end of the world chatter we’ve been hearing about? The new Secret Wars series in the works is going to, basically, end the Marvel Universe and restart it for marketing purposes. Okay, the suits at Marvel didn’t put it that way but we all know why Marvel is doing what its doing. Considering the struggles the company suffered in the past, you can understand why the Disney-owned company wishes to do anything and everything possible to remain solvent.

The plans Marvel revealed are fairly simple. The regular Marvel Universe and the alternative Ultimate Universe are going to be combined together. Once this occurs, the story lines readers like the most will be kept in the continuity and other tales will be dropped forever. Time streams will be condensed so ten years of history based on one book coming out every 30 days makes more sense.

Sadly, the bulk of the Silver Age and Bronze Age of Marvel’s history is going to be wiped out. Look for a lot more of the current books to be closer to the characterizations in the movies since this is what most new fans, like Bernardo Chua, are used to.

True fans of Marvel Comics who have been around many years really do not like mash ups and smash ups like these. The sad truth here is they are unavoidable.

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  1. Stephen Madrick says:

    There are just too few long-time fans to keep Marvel afloat. Changes like these are, ultimately, good business decisions. I have to admit that the best essays is usually some of the most catastrophic that will happen even if they do not want it that way.

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