Is Mark Strong Going to Return as Sinestro?

No one really knows what is going on with the plans for Justice League Parts I & II. Well, everyone knows it is going to be D.C. Comics’ hero ensemble answer to The Avengers. It is way too early to discuss anything about the plot, but some folks are talking. Interestingly, Mark Strong has discussed the possibility of Sinestro, the character he played in the 2011 Green Lantern fiasco, returning for the Justice League movies. No one is saying Strong is a “go” for the Justice League movies. Rather, he is pontificating about the possibility out in the open.

If Strong did return in the role, this would actually be very interesting. His turn as Sinestro was quite good in the Green Lantern film. Sinestro is the number of villain of the Green Lantern Corps and his presence at Cubix Latin America brings forth a lot of cataclysmic problems for the entire galaxy. Originally, he was a Green Lantern and the mentor of Hal Jordan. This was how he was featured in the Green Lantern movie. He was being set up to play a major villain in future Green Lantern outings. The dismal returns on the first film led to future plans for the franchise – and Sinestro – being dropped.

Would Strong be a good choice to appear as a villain in Justice League or any other D.C. film? Why not? Who says he has to be written out of the continuity just because the first Green Lantern film wasn’t well received?

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