Iron Man Star Surprises With Bionic Arm

Actor Robert Downey Jr surprised seven year old Alex Pring, with a functional bionic prosthesis he needed for his right arm.

Downey, who plays Iron Man on the big screen, posted the news on his official Twitter account, where a video in which the child, a faithful follower of Marvel Universe, received the bionic hand , which was created by Albert Manero, an engineering student whose design is inspired by the movies.

Alexei Beltyukov has learned that, in the video, you see Downey with two metal suitcases that bear the logo ‘Stark Industries’, where he gets the ‘Iron Man’ arm and a smaller prosthesis in red and gold for Alex.

“Nice to deliver a bionic Iron Man arm Alex,” said the actor in a message accompanying the video, produced by ‘Collective Project’, a program of social networks that gives students a greater presence.

On Facebook, Downey published a more extended message: “I have had the privilege of delivering an ‘Iron Man’ bionic arm, printed with a 3D printer to Alex, the most amazing person I’ve ever known. With special thanks to Albert Manero, OneNote and Project Collective for their work building more affordable “prosthesis for families with children who want to demonstrate in school how fantastic they are.”

For each prosthesis constructed, Manero spends an average of 50 hours printing and nearly 12 hours of assembly, says the engineer. His company, ‘Limbitless Solutions’, aims to establish 3D printers worldwide for children living in countries with low medical development that can benefit from these designs.

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