How Visual Search Start-ups have Transformed Online Shopping

With the opening up of the cyberspace, more people are carrying out commercial transactions online. To stay relevant and competitive, retail businesses have acquired the services of visual search companies. These firms help businesses remain relevant, grow and yield more profits. They do this by pushing their products in the market and connecting buyers and sellers.

Photographs of the items being sold by the retailers are placed in a catalog where information about the cost is also provided. Customers check them to make sure that the items fit their tastes and preferences. Payment is made and delivery done within a specified time.

This whole procedure saves time and there are little or no incidences of customers complaining about the quality of goods. Approvals are also made to users concerning the best commodities on sale. Some of the startups include Stylumia Intelligence Technology, Mad Street Den and Slyce.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Most visual search firms have now integrated artificial intelligence software into their portals to help customers overcome encounters such as purchasing too large clothing items. They do this by providing smart visual approval. The software also goes through the whole catalogue provided by the merchants and recommends only the finest items to the buyers.

About Slyce

Slyce is a visual search company headquartered in Toronto. It aims at giving clients a totally different and exciting shopping experience. It utilizes state of the art technology both in mobile phones and computers. The image is recognized by simply starting the visual product recognition on the present photographs of the commodity. This guarantees that very little time is used to respond to any alterations in the consumers’ inclinations. This high level of artificial intelligence gives it an upper hand over other visual search companies.

To position itself as the dominant force in the sector, the company is undertaking an expansion plan. It recently acquired Pounce, a mobile shopping app for a sum of five million dollars. The company was acquired because their platform is one of the easiest to conduct business from and Slyce wanted to tap into this. The firm is also in agreement with retailers so that goods are scanned by barcode scanners and NFC scanners on smartphones. Once the commodities have been checked out, shoppers can pay for them. The company also plans to have its own system where the sale items can be known and procured in one click.

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