How “Little Guy” Dentists can Compete with the Big Dental Firms

In an interview with Eric Dye on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva revealed the story behind MB2 Dental and what makes it unique. Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva explained that he wanted to create something that would help the little guy compete with the big guy. When he started out in the dental industry, he realized that there were advantages and disadvantages to both opening up your own private practice and joining a large firm that would provide you with resources and talent aggregation. At the end of the day, however, he realized that as a private practitioner, it is simply hard to compete with the big firms. His goal was simply to get a few doctors together to see if they could compete with the big firms by coming up with the same resources. Having these resources allows doctors to focus on patient care.

Dr. Villanueva explained that people who ask him about the traditional dental model often do not understand that dentists traditionally only work four days a week. It’s not because they are taking a vacation on Friday to play golf, he explained, but because they needed to take care of the administrative side of their business, such as payroll and bookkeeping. On the other hand, when you have a service, such as MB2 Dental, that takes care of all the aspects of a dental practice which are not clinical, doctors will be able to work five days a week or even more. Besides that, there is the large economic scale and the talent aggregation that are made available to dentists who are part of such a group.

Dr. Villanueva further explained how he cultivates autonomy and why autonomy is so important for dentists and for the dental industry as a whole. He said that technology has really helped dentists out. They can go online and use forums or other methods to communicate with other dentists about the how they should do things. They can let each other know what works and what does not work, based on their own personal experience. At the same time, healthcare is not administered online but locally, which is why autonomy is so important. That is why he makes sure that the dental practices he works with get the final say about everything related to their practice.

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