How Eli Gershkovitch changed the liquor industry

A lot has been said on graduates whose desire is to have long and satisfying careers. To Eli Gershkovitch, this was different as his desire was to start a brewery company. In 1987, a European tour inspired him. This was when Eli Gershkovitch got his first taste of the Belgian beer. Since then, he got the desire to come up with one of his own way of making the liquor industry great.

By the time Eli Gershkovitch was about to initiate the craft brewery business, he was in Vancouver working from his law office. This is where he completed research on craft brewery and landed a perfect location for the brewpub at Gastown. The exact location that he founded was one of a historic place in the city, a factor that contributed a lot to the popularity of his company. Unlike other people who struggled in getting licenses it was an easy thing for him as he had experience from the liquor licenses he applied for his clients and friends.

As yet another advantage, Eli Gershkovitch found it easy to run the company as he had a better way to derive energy to produce the liquor. One of the contributing factors to the remarkable success of his business was the exact location of his company. There was an existing house with a steam heat system. He decided to use the source of energy for his steam-powered brewing significantly reducing the cost. Learn more about Eli at

Brewing companies were not known to make a significant profit considering the time it took long before one got some returns. This was different for Eli Gershkovitch. He can be recognized as one of the lucky men as it never took long before he got his first rewards. By this time in 1995 Steamworks was producing 15 to 17 beers per year which was a significant and notable success.


In its first year, the company introduced only six beers such as pilsner and pale ale being introduced later on. According to many retailers that he delivered liquor to, Eli Gershkovitch’s core belief was that you only grow to meet your demand or demand shrinks to meet you. Follow Eli Gershkovitch on Twitter.

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