Head Of The Class

ClassDojo is a teaching app that was created to help connect teachers, parents and students. The app allows for sending pictures, photos and messages throughout the day.

Launched in the United Kingdom in the summer of 2011, the app has since spanned to 180 countries with about 3.5 million users. ClassDojo is now translated in over 35 languages as well.

ClassDojo is a powerful teaching tool. It enables teachers to setup the most effective learning environment for their students. They can create customized classes geared to focus on a student’s learning abilities and behavioral patterns. In fact, teachers that use ClassDojo have reported 45%-95% increases in positive behavior since using the platform.

Students can conveniently view class their content on Class Dojo’s website, regardless if their using a desktop, laptop, phone, tablet or projectors. And teachers can provide real-time feedback to their students, which is great for positive reinforcement.

Additionally, ClassDojo gives teachers unlimited access to their student’s data. They can see detailed progress reports and share them with their student’s parents with just a click of the mouse. It’s that simple.

Teachers will like the support from ClassDojo’s web app because it comes from a familiar place, being that 20% of the staff has a teaching background.

Furthermore, teachers will also love the fact that the platform is free. And ClassDojo have no plans on changing that in near future.

So if you’re a teacher looking for a better way to connect with your students, ClassDojo looks like a sure shot! Head on over to their site and give it a whirl.

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