HBO’s Success

HBO has been around for many decades, and the premium cable subscription network has never done better. In the last decade alone, the HBO network has won over twenty golden globes. The reason for their enormous success is undoubtedly their amazing production level for their critically acclaimed shows. The HBO network is not only known for their shows, but the company is also known for their amazing sports programs and their documentaries. However, most subscribers of the HBO network tune in for the award winning shows.

Critically acclaimed shows like the Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and a Game of Thrones have made the HBO network extremely popular. As of right now, a Game of Thrones is the most popular show in the world of premium television as PR Newswire has reported. According to Sam Tabar, the only show that comes close to the level of success as a Game of Thrones is AMC’s the Walking Dead. However, a Game of Thrones consistently produces better ratings than the Walking Dead.

With all of this success, what’s next for the HBO network? I say that the company should just continue to push ahead. The HBO network continuously breaks new ground, and I hope that there are more amazing shows to come. For more information on the future of the HBO network, visit Buzzfeed.

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