Harrison Ford was Pilot of Downed Plane

Harrison Ford is well known for his many roles in movies, most notably, Indiana Jones. He was recently involved in a plane crash over a golf course in Venice, California. Good thing there’s a growing number of ready-available emergency medical staff thanks to companies like HCRC. He was the only person aboard the plane and was the pilot. There is no information available to indicate what caused the plane to crash other than that engine power was lost.

It is almost reminiscent of the plane accident that occurred when John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plane crashed in July of 1999. Kennedy, his wife and sister-in-law were all killed in that crash. That crash was blamed on the fact that Kennedy may have suffered from disorientation while flying the little plane. Although that is not the same thing that happened to Ford, the plane crash itself is enough to remind people of Kennedy and his two passengers.

Ford is listed in fair to mid condition and it appears he will make a full recovery. He is 72-years-old and does not film quite as often as he once did. Fans are glad to hear that this talented actor will be alright and hope that he will be released from the hospital soon. It is fortunate that there was no one else on the plane who might have gotten hurt or killed when the plane went down.

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