Gooding, Paulson Star In O.J. Trial Drama

FX Network has announced that it has signed two high profile leads for the rookie season of its new anthology series, American Crime Story. The series will consist of an entire season’s worth of episodes revolving around a particularly notorious real life court case. 

FX has made public the names of the two primary leads in the upcoming first season. They are Academy Award winning actor, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Sarah Paulson, best known for her role in American Horror Story.

The subject matter for the first season’s worth of episodes takes it cue straight from its title: American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson. Gooding will star in the lead role as O.J. Simpson, while Paulson will star opposite him as prosecutor Marcia Clark.

Production on the new season of shows is scheduled to begin early next year. The series has already engaged the services of top Hollywood screenwriters and producers in order to ensure maximum fidelity to the portrayal of real life events. The season will naturally examine the final verdict of the trial and its immediate aftermath. Meanwhile, no word has yet reached the media concerning the opinion of O.J. Simpson or his representatives about this new show. Now back to my Qnet shopping spree!

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