George Soros Urges The U.S and U.N to Look Closely at Russia.

Is the United States and the European Union making a huge mistake thinking that President Putin of Russia is a potential ally in the fight against Isis? An article written by George Soros for Project Syndicate seems to flesh out that answer.
There are 20,000 Syrian refuges waiting for admission in to Jordon and Lebanon. They are camped out in the desert because Russian planes have been bombing the southern part of Syria forcing people to flee. According to Soros, Russia has also launched an attack in northern Syria. These are not just troops Russia is bombing they are Syrian women, children, and the elderly. The city of Aleppo once had 2 million Syrians living in it. Russian barrel bombs caused most of the Aleppo people to flee to Turkey. This caused Putin to come in to conflict with Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Putin’s effort to aggravate the European refugee crisis backfired, when President Erdogan prolonged the Syrian refuges stay in Turkey.

In the article, Soros questions why the U.S leaders and European Union take President Putin at his word instead of judging him by his actions. Soros sums it up blaming the democratic politicians for wanting to paint a favorable picture for the public. Now Russia and the European Union, according to George Soros, is on the verge of collapse and are in a race of survival with each other. Each country will gain considerable benefits from the other collapsing first.

Russia’s social security fund is running out of money and will have to be merged with the government’s infrastructure. The Russian deficit will have to be cut to prevent inflation, and the negative effect on living standards will have a huge negative impact on the parliamentary election this fall. If Putin can successfully cause the European Union to collapse, Europe will not be able to keep the sanctions it placed on Russia regarding the Ukraine.

The European Union experienced a financial crisis in 2008. Since then it has waded through many crisis’s. Today it faces another crisis, the migration of Syrians seeking refuge has the potential to destroy the European Union according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “First the breakdown of the Schegan system of open borders will happen and then the common market.” claims George Soros in an interview with European correspondent, Gregor Schmitz.

George Soros is the founder of the Open Society. Open Society is a network of foundations, partners, and projects in more than 100 countries. Soros’s idea of open society is where human rights are respected, government is accountable, and no one has the minority on truth. Open Society is the only private philanthropic of its kind in history.

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