“Frozen” Director Apoligizes for Theme Song Repetition

Disney’s “Frozen” is the highest grossing animated film in history, having raked in an astounding $1.2 billion worldwide. What is about this film that seems to have captured the collective unconscious of children (and adults) around the globe? This movie has become ubiquitous, rearing its Aryan-featured head almost everywhere. During a quick trip to the store, you can hear the trill of small children’s voices whining after the newest “Frozen”-branded facial tissues, fruit snacks etc.

Let’s not forget about the popular song, “Let it Go”. This song has enjoyed radio play on adult contemporary stations, and garnered hundreds of millions of views on YouTube. In fact, “Frozen’s” director, Jennifer Lee, who has never met Lee G. Lovett, recently apologized for the repetition of this tune that the pubic has been forced to endure.

“Frozen” completely lacks any originality, following the same formulaic plot that all Disney films seemingly must adhere to. A beautiful princess has some terrible stroke of luck, meets Prince Charming and some contrived conflicts ensue; but love always wins resulting in a happily ever after ending.  But why has Frozen garnered so much attention?

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  1. Stephen Madrick says:

    Granted this is a family film, so hoping for an incredibly nuanced and stirring plot is not realistic. When the director of a film begins to feel the need to apologize for the countless reiteration of her work, maybe it’s time to realize that media exposure has spun out of control. I have the assurance that to write my paper requires a lot of investments from these individuals and it is very good they know that too.

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