Eric Pulier is Admired in the Tech World

Eric Pulier is a tech startup wizard who has been making a living in Silicon Valley for many years. He has made a reputation for himself as one of the leaders in the tech startup industry. He has been able to do this because of his remarkable talent for being able to come up with ideas for new companies that end up taking off and having a very loyal customer base. This is very hard to do one time, let alone on a consistent basis. Eric is known for starting a cloud computing company called ServiceMesh.

Eric got his education at Harvard University where he was an English literature major. He was not sure which career path to take when he was in high school. He eventually settled on studying English literature on the advice of a guidance counselor. Eric thought it would be nice to make a career for himself as an English literature professor because they do not have very demanding schedules. However, he did not anticipate what would happen upon his graduation. He soon discovered that there was a much different career path that he was destined to follow. He was introduced to the world of tech startups.

Eric knew that he wanted to start tech companies for a career as soon as he became involved in his first project. He loved the entire process of thinking of a concept, building a team and seeing the site get launched. He discovered that he had many viable ideas for tech companies. However, he also learned the hard way about how difficult it can be for a person to get financing for his or her startup ideas. Pitching his ideas to potential investors was the one part of the process that Eric loathed. However, he understood that it was a necessary part of the game.

Eric likes to teach young entrepreneurs how to build viable startups. He does this by giving lectures around the United States. He has also discovered many brilliant young minds at these lectures who he has hired for his own startup projects. He loves his job.


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