EOS Lip Balms and Fantastic Fruity Flavors

A brand called eos (Evolution of Smooth) is responsible for the rise in popularity of natural lip balms everywhere. If you visit drugstores all over the United States and beyond, you can barely walk into the beauty and personal care sections without noticing eos lip balms. Customers appreciate these natural beauty products for a variety of reasons. These lip balms, first and foremost, are natural and devoid of harsh ingredients that can be off-putting and uncomfortable. These balms make the lips feel soft and smooth all day and night long. They even appear in a vast range of delicious and delightful flavors. Customers are often fed up with lip balm brands that only offer one or two flavor choices. That’s the reason eos has been taking the lip balm world by storm in recent years.

There are numerous exciting lip balm category options available to eos enthusiasts. Shoppers can choose between “visibly soft,” “organic,” “organic stick,” “medicated,” “active” and “shimmer” lip balms, go to evolutionofsmooth.com. These lip balms are rather self-explanatory. Shimmer balms can make the pout shine and sparkle in an attractive way. Medicated balms, on the other hand, can be perfect for people who have lips that are prone to unpleasant and unattractiveness dryness and rough flakes.

Flavor options run the gamut as well. If you’re in the mood for a natural lip balm that’s reminiscent of a juicy and refreshing sweet dessert, you may want to go for strawberry sorbet. Additional info here. If you’re craving a dessert flavor that’s even sweeter than that, you may want to opt for vanilla bean. Other beloved lip balm flavor choices include honeysuckle honeydew, sweet mint, summer fruit, vanilla orchid, hibiscus peach, pink grapefruit and lemon twist. These tastes can be excellent for people with all kinds of preferences. The brand’s balms have extremely wide reaches these days, shop here at fraeulein-ungeschminkt.de.


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