EOS Lip Balm – Vegan Crystal Flavors Review

EOS took on the challenge of creating high quality lip balms less than a decade ago. They wanted to address the common daily routine that most women have, of putting moisture on their lips. Not only did many women report to panel studies that this was part of their daily process of getting ready, but they also needed better products so that they felt satisfied after applying the lip balm says usmagazine.com. Applying moisture from a Carmex container often required using your finger. This was looked at as unclean and potentially hazardous. EOS took this feedback and wanted to design a more gratifying way to moisturize while keeping women entertained and feeling good about the whole process.

EOS was interested in creating a product that could easily be expanded with continually growing application methods and flavors, see more. Their original formulas hit the ground running, with thousands of women interested in the compact and cute circular containers. EOS’s original formula contained bees wax which excluded vegan markets, despite the colorful containers and unique flavor options.

Recently, EOS has launched a new line of vegan crystal flavors to address the needs of health conscious women who may not have tried the original lip balm. These new flavors are designed with natural and organic ingredients to help fight dry lips without using bees wax. The new formulas have been incredibly popular, with many websites selling out the same day that the products were released. EOS hopes to approach the market with a unique perspective on lip balm, and they have accomplished a great deal in redefining this market segment at large. Not only have they received significant media and press attention, but celebrity endorsements and popular testimonials online have furthered the interest of women around the world. EOS can be found through online shopping centers as well as drug stores like Walgreens, CVS, Target and also here on amazon.com.

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