EOS lip balm back at it!

If you thought EOS couldn’t get any better, think again! Changing the game and adding even more love to every EOS lip balm, they’ve now gone with a vegan formulation. At a glance, you can see the new eye catching triangular shape. Some say jewel like finish in its new packaging, see this link. Others, simply excited for a new formula from our long time beloved lip balm.

Jumping on the Coconut oil wagon, EOS has incorporated this amazing oil as one of its key ingredients in its new formula says usmagazine.com. A total of five essential oils accompany, including avocado and shea to give your lips the hydration they need. Packing an enormous amount of moisture without the heavy feeling of wax on your lips. Say good bye to sticky lips with the new EOS lip balm! View amazon.de to purchase your lip balm here!

EOS is ensuring they wont be left behind with this new edge formula. In a time where Vegan products are all the rage, EOS is joining the movement. We all love a company watching out for us as well as our furry companions, so kudos to your EOS! With your choice between Hibiscus Peach, or the classic Vanilla Orchid flavor; You’re sure enough to love the new EOS lip balm!


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